Aerotow Hang Gliding in East Anglia since 1991

Cambridgeshire Aerotow Club is proud to announce the hosting of its third friendly aerotow competition.


This will be the club's biggest event so far with the Cambridge, Avon, Malvern, Midland and Northampton clubs in attendance.

For registration and further details please visit - http://www.aerotow.uk.

What is planned?

A friendly competition, open to all 'Pilot' rated aerotow pilots with tasks for rigid, topless, and kingposted gliders.  

Tasks will be kept simple but scored via GPS, so please being one along with a download cable if you are able.  Waypoints will be set on the day, although the task could be “to anywhere and back”.

This year we are looking to run with dedicated marshals for a safer and more efficient launch environment.  Volunteers are kindly requested.

A retrieve coordination service will also be provided. As ever, please contribute generously to your retrieve driver 

New to 2015 we will also be relaying the competition live over the web using LiveTrack24 tracking.  For those willing to participate in this, we need you to use your own phones to send positions back to the LiveTrack24 server.  If you have yet to do so, please register with LiveTrack24, download one of the logging apps (“Tracker” is one), and try it out.  There are versions for iPhone and Android.

Camping is again available on site on the well-drained grass peri-track.  Cold mains water is available and there are two toilets on site.