Aerotow Hang Gliding in East Anglia since 1991

Richard Hunt has put together a set of an extremely useful set of waypoints that you may find useful for planning turn points and declared goal flights. The file is in KML format and is available for download here.

Each waypoint has it's own unique code.(To see the code click on the map). The idea is that it should be possible to text declared goals to NXCL by quoting these waypoint codes (you have to fly within 400m of your declared turnpoints).

To squirt them into your GPS, use a program like GPSDump available from http://www.gethome.no/stein.sorensen/body_gpsdump.htm and then for a Garmin 12 it is as as easy as:

For sending to your Etrex, steps 4 and 5 just become "Wpts > Send to Garmin (USB)"